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Installing the latest plugin

You can install the latest Focalboard plugin, including developer builds, ahead of the official release using the following steps:

Enable custom plugins in Mattermost 

Follow the steps in the Mattermost admin guide to enable custom plugins:

  1. Manually set PluginSettings > EnableUploads to true in your config.json
  2. Restart the Mattermost server

Download mattermost-plugin-focalboard.tar.gz from the latest build or release.

Then upload the Focalboard plugin:

  1. Navigate to System Console > Plugins > Plugin Management
  2. Select “Choose File” under “Upload Plugin”
  3. Select the mattermost-plugin-focalboard.tar.gz file
  4. Select “Upload”
  5. Once uploaded, select “Enable” under the Focalboard plugin to enable it

Update your web proxy configuration 

Follow the steps here to configure your web proxy (NGINX, Apache, etc.) to complete the setup.

Enable Reliable Websockets 

The Focalboard plugin requires the Reliable Websockets feature to be enabled. Check in the Mattermost server configuration that the property ServiceSettings.EnableReliableWebSockets is set to true. If it’s not, enable it, restart the server and reload the clients before using the Focalboard plugin.