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Focalboard is installed with Mattermost v6 and later, where it’s called Boards. You can install Mattermost as a self-hosted server or sign up for Mattermost Cloud.

Mattermost Boards usage notes: 

Enable shared boards 

The shared boards feature is disabled by default in Mattermost. To enable it:

  1. Open the System Console.
  2. Go to Plugins and select Mattermost Boards.
  3. Set Enable Publicly-Shared Boards to true.
  4. Choose Save.


Mattermost Boards currently uses channel-based permissions, meaning that only members of the associated channel can access (read/write) the boards for that channel.

You can use this to create private boards:

Create or join a Private channel, Group Message, or Direct Message. Then, select the Boards icon in the channel header to create a board. Only members of the Private channel, Group Message, or Direct Message can access the board.

You can use the share board feature to share a read-only board with anyone (incuding unauthenticated users) who has the generated link.

For more information about using Mattermost Boards, refer to the main product documentation here.