Template: Meeting agenda
May 7, 2021 165 words

Meeting Agenda Template 

We’ve been using Focalboard on the community server for a few weeks now, and a few unexpected use-cases have emerged. One of them is using Focalboard for recurring meeting agendas, like team meetings and 1:1s.

Meeting Agenda Template

For my own meetings, I started with the project tasks template, but have found for following columns work better:

  • To Discuss
  • Revisit Later
  • Done / Archived

Meeting participants queue new items under To Discuss. As we go through them, most are moved to done, but a few need followup. We move those to the Revisit Later column. The owner then moves it back to To Discuss for a future meeting.

Here’s the archive of the template if you would like to try this out yourself:

  • Download the .focalboard archive file from the thread above
  • Select “Import Archive” under Settings at the lower left
  • Pick the archive file
  • (You may need to refresh the browser)
  • Click on + Add Board, and pick “Meeting Agenda”

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Written by Chen Lim - @chen-i.lim on community.mattermost.com and @chenilim on GitHub

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