Mattermost-Focalboard Early Preview
April 27, 2021 420 words

This is a preview of how Focalboard could initially integrate with Mattermost: Where each channel (public and private) has an associated Focalboard workspace accessible to members of that channel.

🎯 To open a Focalboard workspace: 

  1. Log into the Mattermost community server via the web, or create an account
  2. Visit the Focalboard channel
  3. Click on the Focalboard icon in the channel header:

Focalboard channel button

Note: Mattermost-Focalboard Early Preview is only available via a web browser, not via the Desktop or Mobile apps at this time.

You can then create or visit any other channel and click the Focalboard button there to open its workspace. Tip: Create a private channel or DM yourself to use a private workspace.

Attention: You are entering the bleeding edge! :) 

This feature is currently in Early Preview. Please do not store any critical or sensitive data. You have been warned.

This is also not the final form of the integration, but meant to start us thinking about how an integration should work. Have an idea or feedback? Let us know on the Focalboard channel.

Seriously though, it should be functional for basic project management: All available features should work (please file a bug if they don’t) It should be secure (you should not be able to access workspaces in channels you don’t belong to)

Please file bugs for any issues. 🐞 

Tips and Tricks: 

  1. Check out the Focalboard user’s guide to get started
  2. Export the archive to backup all the boards in a workspace a. You can import them back later, to a different server or Personal Desktop b. Binary (image) file export / migration is not supported yet
  3. Want to assign a card to someone? a. Create a Select property, and enter each person’s name as text b. In the future, we plan a user-select property type
  4. If you see a sign-in or “no_workspace” error a. Your session token may have expired b. Click the button to re-login, then c. Close the tab, and click the Focalboard button to reopen d. Press Ctrl+Shift+R to force a full reload, close and reopen e. Try deleting the sessionId entry in local storage, close and reopen


Please get in touch!

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Written by Chen Lim - @chen-i.lim on community.mattermost.com and @chenilim on GitHub

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