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Administrator's Guide

Personal Server configuration 

Personal Server settings are stored in config.json and is read when the server is launched. The contents are:

Key Description Example
serverRoot Root URL of the server “http://localhost:8000”
port Server port 8000
dbtype Type of database. sqlite3 or postgres “sqlite3”
dbconfig Database connection string postgres://user:pass@localhost/boards?sslmode=disable&connect_timeout=10
webpath Path to web files “./webapp/pack”
filespath Path to uploaded files folder “./files”
telemetry Enable health diagnostics telemetry true
prometheus_address Enables prometheus metrics, if it’s empty is disabled “:9092”
session_expire_time Session expiration time in seconds 2592000
session_refresh_time Session refresh time in seconds 18000
localOnly Only allow connections from localhost false
enableLocalMode Enable Admin APIs on local Unix port true
localModeSocketLocation Location of local Unix port “/var/tmp/focalboard_local.socket”

Resetting passwords 

By default, Personal Server exposes admin APIs on a local Unix socket at /var/tmp/focalboard_local.socket. This is configurable by the enableLocalMode and localModeSocketLocation settings in config.json.

To reset a user’s password, you can use the following reset-password.sh script:


if [[ $# < 2 ]] ; then
    echo 'reset-password.sh <username> <new password>'
    exit 1

curl --unix-socket /var/tmp/focalboard_local.socket http://localhost/api/v1/admin/users/$1/password -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{ "password": "'$2'" }'

After resetting a user’s password (e.g. if they forgot it), direct them to change it from the user menu, by clicking on their username at the top of the side bar.