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Contribution Checklist

Thanks for your interest in contributing code!

Follow this checklist for submitting a pull request (PR):

  1. You’ve signed the Contributor License Agreement, so you can be added to the Mattermost Approved Contributor List.
  2. Your ticket is a Help Wanted GitHub issue for the project you’re contributing to.
    • If not, follow the process here.
  3. Your code is thoroughly tested, including appropriate unit tests, and manual testing.
  4. If applicable, user interface strings are included in the localization file (en.json)
    • In the webapp folder, run npm run i18n-extract to generate the new/updated strings.
  5. The PR is submitted against the main branch from your fork.
  6. The PR title begins with the GitHub Ticket ID (e.g. [GH-394]) and the summary template is filled out.

Once submitted, the automated build process must pass in order for the PR to be accepted. Any errors or failures need to be addressed in order for the PR to be accepted. Next, the PR goes through code review. To learn about the review process for each project, read the CONTRIBUTING.md file of that GitHub repository.