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Code Review

Currently, all changes to the product must be reviewed by a core committer.

If you are a community member seeking a review 

  1. Submit your pull request.
  2. Wait for a reviewer to be assigned.
    • Product managers are on the lookout for new pull requests and usually handle this for you automatically.
    • If you have been working alongside a core committer, feel free to message them for help.
    • When in doubt, ask for help in the Focalboard channel on our community server.
    • If you are still stuck, please message Chen Lim (@chenilim on GitHub).
  3. Wait for a review.
    • Expect some interaction with at least one reviewer within 5 business days (weekdays, Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays).
    • Keep in mind that core committers are geographically distributed around the world and likely in a different time zone than your own.
    • If no interaction has occurred after 5 business days, please at-mention a reviewer with a comment on your PR.
  4. Make any necessary changes.
    • If a reviewer requests changes, your pull request will disappear from their queue of reviews.
    • Once you’ve addressed the concerns, please at-mention the reviewer with a comment on your PR.
  5. Wait for your code to be merged.
    • Larger pull requests may require more time to review.
    • Once all reviewers have approved your changes, they will handle merging your code.

If you are awaiting a review 

  1. Wait patiently for reviews to complete.
    • Expect some interaction with each of your reviewers within 5 business days.
    • There is no need to explicitly mention them on the pull request or to explicitly reach out on our community server.
  2. Make any necessary changes.
    • If a reviewer requests changes, your pull request will disappear from their queue of reviews.
    • Once you’ve addressed the concerns, assign them as a reviewer again to put your pull request back in their queue.

If you are a core committer asked to give a review 

  1. Respond promptly to requested reviews.
    • Assume the requested review is urgent and blocking unless explicitly stated otherwise.
    • Try to interact with the author within 2 business days.
    • Configure the GitHub plugin to automate notifications.
    • Review your outstanding requested reviews daily to avoid blocking authors.
    • Prioritize earlier milestones when reviewing to help with the release process.
    • Responding quickly doesn’t necessarily mean reviewing quickly! Just don’t leave the author hanging.
  2. Feel free to clarify expectations with the author.
    • If the code is experimental, they may need only a cursory glance and thumbs up to proceed with productizing their changes.
    • If the review is large or complex, additional time may be required to complete your review. Be upfront with the author.
    • If you are not comfortable reviewing the code, avoid “rubber stamping” the review. Be honest with the author and ask them to consider another core committer.
  3. Never rush a review.
    • Take the time necessary to review the code thoroughly.
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for changes repeatedly until all concerns are addressed.
    • Feel free to challenge assumptions and timelines. Rushing a change into a patch release may cause more harm than good.
  4. Avoid leaving a review hanging.
    • Try to accept or reject the review instead of just leaving comments.
  5. Merge the pull request.
    • Do not merge if there are outstanding changes requested.
    • Merge the pull request, and delete the branch if not from a fork.